Developments in REACH Authorisation and Restriction activities related to lead metal and compounds were the focus of discussions at the General Assembly in December, in London that was attended by 25 delegates. The Consortium was fortunate to receive engaging talks from three guest speakers, complementing the Secretariat’s own presentations:

  • Richard Dubourg from The Economics Interface, presented a project funded by DG GROW to look at the impacts of REACH Authorisation – one of the thematic studies for the REACH Review 2017
  • Stavros Georgiou, Head of Socio-economic Analysis at the UK Health and Safety Executive and member of ECHA’s Socio-economic Analysis Committee, SEAC, presented the findings of a soon-to-be-published study estimating the economic benefit of reducing young children’s exposure to lead. This study is expected to be of importance in forthcoming assessments of Lead Restrictions and Authorisations.
  • Neil Wood, REACH Technical Focus at Roxel UK – one of the first companies to achieve Authorisation – presented case studies highlighting the impact of Authorisation and provided insight into the resources required for the application process.

Meeting papers, including the guest speakers’ presentations, are available from the Members’ section of the Consortium’s website.

The next Consortium steering committee is scheduled for 8 March 2017 at ILA’s London offices and a General Assembly will be scheduled in June (venue to be confirmed).