Lead metal

Four distinct grades have been included in the REACH Registration for lead metal (EC: 231-100-4). Substance identity details and classification and labelling information can be found below:

Uses of lead metal

Lead metal is used safely and sustainably in a wide range of applications, including:

  • in the industrial production of lead-based automotive and industrial batteries,
  • as internal sheathing in high-voltage cables,
  • in radiation shielding for healthcare, laboratory, security scanning, and non-destructive test facilities,
  • as weather protection in architectural applications,
  • in free-machining steels, brasses, and aluminium alloys
  • in industrial solders used in specialist electronics and electrical applications, and
  • as an intermediate in the manufacture of lead compounds such as lead oxides.

Lead also plays an essential role in the Circular Economy, with its unique ability to facilitate energy-efficient recovery of many other non-ferrous metals and critical technology materials.


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A list of the Identified Uses included in the Consortium’s CSR, including the Use Descriptor Codes, may be found here. For more information, see the disseminated Registration dossier or contact us.