Join the Consortium

The consortium is open to manufacturers or importers of our substances. There are currently more than 90 manufacturers and importers in the Consortium who are encouraged to actively participate in the work of the Consortium.

Consortium Legal Agreement

A legal agreement sets out the scope of the Consortium’s activities and terms of membership. You can download the Consortium membership documents from this page.

What does membership cost?

The lead industry previously made a multi-million Euro investment in the Voluntary Risk Assessment for Lead (VRAL), which forms the basis of the REACH registration dossiers developed by the Consortium. The Consortium also invested over €3 million for work over the period 2008-2010 to prepare for the 2010 registration deadline. The work of the Consortium is funded by the fees paid by its members.

Members of the Pb REACH Consortium are subject to membership contributions comprising a tonnage-based Levy Fee for the years 2008-2010, an annual Fixed Fee, and a contribution towards the VRAL. To ensure fairness to the original Consortium members, new members are required to pay pro rata membership contributions covering the period since the formation of the Consortium.

The annual Fixed Fees for 2018 are unchanged from the previous year, at €6,000 for lead metal and €4,500 for lead compounds.

More information on the Consortium’s cost sharing arrangements can be found in the document, Funding Structure for Sharing of REACH-Related Costs.

Note that, under the terms of the Lead REACH Consortium Agreement, any legal entity which resigns from membership and then wishes to rejoin at a later date will be required to pay another joining fee; no discount will be afforded for previous membership.

Consortium Membership Documents

This section provides access to all documents needed to complete the application process for Consortium membership.
IMPORTANT! Any company wishing to apply for membership must download all the documents below and carefully follow the instructions contained within. Failure to correctly complete or supply any of the required documentation will delay your application.