Other complex substances UVCBs (Substance of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials) generated as by-products from producing and transforming lead are also covered by the Consortium, many as isolated intermediates. Where produced and used under Strictly Controlled Conditions, manufacturers and importers may register isolated intermediates with reduced information requirements and lower ECHA fees.

Below is a list of complex substances for which the Consortium is coordinating REACH activities. The compositions were defined in consultation with the Lead REACH Consortium members, using the highest typical elemental percentages for each constituent.

Complex substances

Flue dust, lead refining
(EC 273-809-1)

Lead alloy, base, Pb, Sn, dross
(EC 273-701-4)

Lead antimonial dross
(EC 273-795-7)

Lead dross
(EC 273-796-2)

Lead dross antimony rich
(EC 273-791-5)

Lead dross, bismuth rich
(EC 273-792-0)

Lead, Bullion
(EC 308-011-5)

Lead, dross, copper rich
(EC 273-925-2)

Matte, lead
(EC 282-356-9)

Slags, lead reverbatory smelting
(EC 273-800-2)

Slags, Lead smelting
(EC 273-825-9)

Slimes & sludges, battery scrap antimony & lead-rich
(EC 310-061-8)

Speiss, Lead
(EC 282-366-3)

Waste, battery reprocessing
(EC 305-445-7)

Zinc, desilverising skims
(EC 273-802-3)