Ownership of data generated or purchased by the Consortium is a key incentive for joining the Consortium, but membership also provides a range of other benefits, including:
  • Participation in the detailed review of Consortium activities and decision-making;
  • Access to regulatory knowledge and technical support related to REACH implementation, including classification and labelling changes;
  • Secretariat support for preparing company-specific aspects of REACH Registration files;
  • Involvement in proposed updates to joint Registration dossiers;
  • Analysis of company-specific data, such as occupational exposure or environmental emissions
  • Opportunities for wider cost-sharing, translation services etc.
  • Participation in General Assembly meetings, either in person or via teleconference
  • Regular updates on Consortium activities through member communications.

The Secretariat is engaged in an active workplan on behalf of its members. A copy of the current workplan is available on the Members’ section of the website.