Letters of Access

Although Companies can apply for membership of the Consortium, a Letter of Access (LOA) allows non-member applicants access to certain data generated by the Consortium for the purposes of that Company complying with its own REACH obligations. The LOA is intended to be a more convenient way of accessing data without becoming a full member of the Consortium.

The LOA agreement provides access to Consortium data for the purposes of EU- and UK-REACH Registration only, i.e. an LOA holder does not have the right to use Consortium data in the joint registration dossier for other purposes, including REACH Authorisation and compliance with non-EU/UK REACH-like legislation.

Although the Consortium has not yet taken a formal decision on the licensing of data for REACH activities beyond Registration, it can be assumed that non-members requiring access to such data, e.g. in the case of an Application for Authorisation, would be charged an LOA fee.

The Consortium recently revised its legal agreements to facilitate the use of its data for non-EU/UK legislation by Consortium members and their affiliates; non-members requiring access to the Consortium’s data for the purposes of non-EU legislative requirements will need to apply for a Licence to Use (LTU).

Dossier updates

Since the 2010 deadline, Registration dossiers and SDS templates are periodically updated in line with the latest scientific information, and further updates are anticipated. Updated information is only available to existing Consortium members or those paying any supplementary LOA fee as agreed by the Consortium members.

Consortium LOA documents

The following documents provide more information on the Lead REACH Consortium’s LOA, including background information on the LOA (including costs), the LOA agreement itself and accompanying forms as well as step-by-step guidance on how to make an LOA application.

Sample Letter of Access