The Lead REACH Consortium has signed a co-operation deal with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), designed to speed up and improve the information available on registered substances.
The Metals and Inorganics Sectorial Approach (MISA) is a voluntary initiative established by ECHA and Eurometaux aiming to further improve the completeness and quality of REACH dossiers and to advance technical and scientific issues related to metal compounds and inorganic substances.

Lisa Allen, Manager of the Lead REACH Consortium, said “REACH is one of the most complex and thorough regulatory systems in the world, and anything that makes the process slicker and better for industry is welcome, which is why we’re delighted to be able to sign this Framework of Cooperation document. We strongly support the principles within which this working agreement, and the MISA Initiative itself, has been established”.

Lisa Allen, REACH Manager

The signing event, held on 16 October, included representatives from ECHA, Eurometaux, and several metals and inorganics consortia, including the Lead REACH Consortium. It represents a significant step for the sector to demonstrate co-operation with ECHA and to progress the safe use of metal compounds throughout the supply chain.

Lisa Allen added “It is clearly essential that we’re able to update our dossiers where needed in a more coordinated, consistent, and transparent way. The commitment we make under MISA will help ensure that – together – we will meet this aim, and we hope it will set a positive precedent for our future collaborations”.

“In particular, we are very grateful for the support provided by ECHA to resolve some of the metals-specific issues. This level of cooperation is good for industry, good for regulators, and something which we welcome and applaud.”


According to ECHA, there are approximately 3,000 substances listed in the EU which are of potential concern. For these substances, regulators require more information to be provided before deciding if further regulation is needed. REACH Registration dossiers for the various substances are the key source of this information, and therefore MISA acts as a framework in which sectors can update dossiers efficiently in a clear and organised way. MISA will also assist ECHA and Member States in their ‘mapping of the chemicals universe’ strategy which aims to finalise decisions on regulation by 2020.

The Lead REACH Consortium has signed up to participate in MISA for lead metal, eight lead compounds that are REACH registered over 100 tonnes per year, and UVCB substances such as lead bullion and lead drosses. It is also the first consortium to submit their workplan on human health to ECHA as a result of MISA.



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About the Lead REACH Consortium
The Lead REACH Consortium is a voluntary initiative managed by the International Lead Association (ILA), originally set up in partnership with the European Lead Oxide Association and European Lead Stabiliser Association. The Consortium represents a membership of more than 90 legal entities involved in the mining, smelting, refining and recycling of lead, as well as manufacturers of lead compounds and producers of lead-based automotive and industrial batteries.